Air Pix
Air Pix

When people are used to taking a selfie with a selfie stick, then something new was required, which can capture your all activities without using your hand. By which you can express yourself with more activities alone or with friends and family. A few years back selfie drones came to the market, companies were bringing various features and designs, but it seems people are still habituated and comfortable with their selfie stick. Airselfie was working on their idea, and in 2019 the company brought new design pocket-size drone cameras for a hand-free selfie, HD photo and video experience. Their aerial cameras are known for features, photo editing and sharing through the app, live streaming on social media, and their top-class technicians are always working to bring unique flying selfie drones to capture hand free pictures and help us to immerse in our activities during the photography.

  • Air pix
  • Highlights:
  • Hand-free selfie drone
  • 12 megapixels HD camera
  • 1080p HD video recording
  • Live streaming on social media
  • 8 GB storage with micro SD card
  • App free one button touch

AirSelfie is one of the leading-edge companies, who brought aerial camera like one-touch, autonomous flying, apps free Aerial cameras. Now the company has brought a new design, which is completely made in auto-piloting mode. You can enjoy yourself with your friends and family with the new selfie drone Airpix. It is compatible with free ios and Android apps or without connecting with a smartphone. AirSelfie allows you to take a selfie in an autonomous mood, there no need for any manual control. Push one button to take it off, and let the drone take control of the rest.

Air pix is the new innovative smallest drone, which the company has launched

Airpix is perfect for a selfie when people are immersed in their activities. The drone size is small and fits in your pocket, it is less than an iPhone X. Measurings of the drone are as follows 10.01 X 8.4 X 1.2cm. and chassis weighs less than 1.80oz. This flying object is light as a golf ball. Air pix not only in size, but its other specifications also are solid, the picture quality is amazing, this drone has 12 mp high-resolution camera for the perfect selfie and 70° FOV wide-angle lens takes 1080p videos at 30 fps. It has four chassis integrated propellers for flying and safe hand landing.

It is coming with the autopilot option as well as manual control through a smartphone app. You can use this drone by pushing a single button, and no app is required. 360° autonomous flying mode you will get in a single touch, which is the biggest improvement in past iterations. A single button push flies your drone a few feet and finds your face then takes the selfie. Do whatever you want to do alone or with your group, Air pix will be capturing you all activities.

If you are fancier to share your happy moment on Facebook and YouTube

Air pix drone get connected to social media, you can enjoy Facebook YouTube live streaming with this drone. The one-touch app allows capture, edit and share facility on social media. Battery backup is better than all previous versions of the AirSelfie drone. This drone flies up to six minutes in a single charge, an optional power bank can be used for more enjoyment with the drone. Air pix box comes with a micro SD card, which has a storage capacity of 8 GB, a USB-C cable, and a carrying case. Still, if you are willing to take a selfie in rain, you can take it under a shade when you are in rain, be careful about your drone, do not let it out of the shade and it should not be exposed to rainwater in any way.

AirSelfie app has perfect photo editing experience apart from all other aerial cameras, it is featuring photo crop, rotate, photo size adjust, brightness, contrast and many more like fun stickers, frames, etc. The app saves your photos and videos in a specific folder as per your customization. There you can edit to make it photo perfect, and share on wherever you want in social media or to friends and family.

If you want to experience your drone in rain or under, then you might be disappointed to know that, this drone has no water resistance capacity. You won’t use it at the time of raining or underwater.

You won’t deny that this is a solid drone in the price the company is offering, which is less than other competitors in the present market. You are getting this amazing Air pix selfie master at the price of $99.95, in Indian currency which will cost you around ₹7,200.


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